What Others Say About F&M

的y Really Like Us!

富兰克林 & 马歇尔 College students value their four years on campus for a variety of reasons: accessible, world-class faculty; a distinctive residential system that is equal parts social and intellectual; and a diversity of thought that encourages and empowers a community of leaders. But don’t just take our word for it. See what others say about F&M.​

National Rankings

U.S. 新闻 & World Report

U.S. 新闻 & World Report 排名F&M highly on the following prestigious lists:

  • National Liberal Arts Colleges (#35)
  • Best Value Schools (#33)
  • Best in Undergraduate Teaching (#25)
  • Best Undergraduate Economics Programs (#126)
  • Top Performers on Social Mobility (#52)


《冰球突破官网》 Magazine 排名F&M on the following lists:

  • America's Top Colleges (#101)
  • Top Private Colleges (#57)
  • Top Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities (#24)
  • Top Northeast Colleges (#43)

的 Princeton Review

的 Princeton Review 计算F&M among the nation’s best in these categories:

  • 的 Best 389 Colleges
  • Best Value Colleges
  • Best MidAtlantic Colleges
  • Colleges that Create Futures
  • Green Colleges

Washington Monthly

Washington Monthly 排名F&M on the following lists:

  • Top 40 Liberal Arts Ranking (#25)
  • Top 80 Best Bang for the Buck Northeast (#41)

Wait, 在那里's More...

F&M also performs strongly in the following indices, most of which are published annually:

"A small school with a big reputation."

—《冰球突破官网》 Magazine on F&M

What Our 父母 Say

"It's the absolute perfect fit."

"We are overjoyed! It's the absolute perfect fit. She applied early decision. 的 student-professor relationships have been amazing, and my daughter is well recognized and rewarded for her writing talent. We are so thankful!"

— Ariana Lisse

"It was the right choice!"

"My daughter loves it. She found a great group of friends and joined lots of clubs. Her professors are fabulous! She applied early decision, and it was the right choice!"

— Rita Schattman Rubins


"He absolutely loves everything."

"We could not be happier. My son is a freshman recruited for football. He absolutely loves everything."

— Michael Cruz


"He liked the campus and the people at F&M."

"We visited a lot of liberal arts schools, and our son kept coming back to how much he liked the campus and the people at F&M."

— Sarah Entsminger

"She fell in love with F&M from the very beginning."

"We visited 18 schools. My daughter fell in love with F&M from the very beginning and has never looked back. She loves it!"

— Michele Beth

"It is such a good fit."

"My daughter loves F&M. We visited 15 schools and this was her first choice. 在那里 is a level of student-teacher and student-administrator interaction that used to be part of the liberal arts experience everywhere, but is now only at a few. F&M等于1 其中. It is such a good fit."

— Maureen Basedow

"He made great friends."

"My son loves the school. He is on the soccer team (and ) made great friends on and off the team."

— Nicole Kagan

"My daughter fell in love with F&M."

"My daughter fell in love with F&M the first time we visited. She has made great friends. She has grown and learned so much and is very happy."

—Denise Krueger